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Frequently asked questions for New Orleans Limousines

As you can imagine, our booking agents encounter a good many of your questions on a daily basis. For this reason, we've rounded up some of the most common ones and put them right here in hopes that the information will be useful to you in you quest for the perfect limousine, party bus, or classic chauffeured experience.

While, it is nearly impossible to provide answers to any scenario that might arise, we think that most of the basic questions are covered really well on our page here. However, if your particular question is not addressed here, you are more than welcome to send us an email or give us a call to find out the answers. We are always happy to help!

How do I reserve a limousine or limo bus?

Call New Orleans Limousines today! You can set up your reservation right over the phone! We have customer service agents standing by to get you started. A retainer fee (which goes toward your total amount) will be due at the time of reservation in order to hold the vehicle for you. You will also need to know the date you would like to reserve your vehicle, how many passengers will be riding along, what time we'll be picking you up, and also where you'd like us to pick you up

Is there a minimum age to ride a limo bus?

We do not have a minimum age limit to ride the vehicle, but in order to rent you must be of legal age to sign and execute a contract. In the state of Louisiana, that age happens to be 18 years old.

Are we allowed to drink alcohol in your vehicles?

Of course! That activity is one of the main reasons that limousine rentals are so popular as anyone of legal drinking age (21 years old), is allowed to enjoy an adult beverage while we're on the road.

Is smoking allowed on your vehicles?

Under no circumstances can we allow smoking in our limousines, party buses, classic vehicles, or any of our other vehicle offerings. We do not allow smoking for a number of reasons but, it is primarily to ensure the ultimate preservation of the beauty of our fleet. Smoke adds to the cleanup efforts required, and invites unwanted extra damage in the form of burn holes or, worse. If you or any member of your party would like to take a smoke break, simply let your chauffeur know and they will be happy to pull over at the earliest and safest point to do so. After all, your rental will come with unlimited stops as well as unlimited mileage.

Am I charged by the mile?

No. We charge based on the amount of time you have rented the vehicle. You are provided with unlimited mileage while on the road with us.

How far in advance should I reserve my vehicle?

We recommend reserving a vehicle at least several weeks in advance. This will ensure that there will still be a large selection of vehicles available on your desired date of service.

Is a limousine or limo bus better for me?

That depends on the experience that you want to have. If you want to get up, dance, drink, and get wild, choose a limo bus! They have a nightclub vibe. For a more classy, low-key experience, choose a limousine. You can still have fun in them, but it is harder to get up and move around.

Wondering if your event is perfect for us?

We are sure it is! However, if you'd like to get some ideas, we have an entire page dedicated to providing precisely that information. We invite you to click on any of the links below to be taken to our events page which, will give you a good idea on whether or not your special occasion is a great opportunity to splurge a bit and get yourself into the limo adventure that you've always wanted.

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Prom & Homecoming
Sporting Events