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Your wedding is coming up and you are determined to make the most of its potential. That is why you are determined to pull off a fabulous destination wedding. A destination wedding can be a lot of fun but it is also a lot of work and details. Think about it, there are a lot of moving parts with so many of your guests needing airline tickets and hotel reservations and information about the location where you are going to say I do. As you look around the New Orleans area at travel agencies and you try and figure our which one would best fit your needs, there are some definite tricks of the trade that will help you in this search. This is a very important hire for you and we want to help as much as we possibly can. So, we have provided a guide on what to look for in a quality travel agency. It is a very good idea to print this off and have it with you as you start the interviewing process.

Your best bet for this all important search is to get some kind of recommendation or referral from someone that you trust. So, with that in mind, ask anyone and everyone you know including all of your family, friends and coworkers to see if they have ever dealt with a travel agency. Find out if they had a great experience and if everything they needed to have happen did. Hopefully, you can get a recommendation or two this way. You can also do a Google search for “travel agencies in the New Orleans area.” This should provide you with many pages of results and while it seems like an overwhelming task to check them all out, we suggest that you start with about 30 of the results and determine which candidates strike you as quality. And we would be remiss if we did not bring up the wedding vendors that you have already hired. Talk to them and see if they have any contacts that they could recommend to you. We would be shocked if the did not.

When you start to meet with your potential candidates, talk about your destination. If you have not chose one yest, they should be able to help you there as well. Wherever you decide to have it, you will want to be mindful of your guests since they will be paying not only to make it to the location but for a hotel as well. So, talk to each candidate about how reasonable they can possibly make it. You also need to figure our how long everyone wants to stay and if you have guests that want to stay longer, how the agency will work that out.

One thing we know for sure, you do not want to attempt this type of wedding without professional help. When you choose the right professional, you will have all of the stress and worries taken off of you and you can be confident that everyone will end up where they should be when they should be there. Take your time with this search and this decision because it is a big one.