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The biggest day of your life is approaching fast. All of the details are coming together. And now your attention has turned to ways in which you can look your absolute best in front of your friends and family as well as the camera. Your dress is no problem because you have found it and it is being worked on in terms of alterations. You know that you want to hire a makeup artist so that your skin can look flawless. You also are hiring a hair stylist to make sure your hair will be absolutely perfect in completing your look. But the one thing that you would really like to do something about is your lack of a tan. If you could only attain a golden hue that would make you really stand out and look phenomenal up there. Well, we are here to tell you that there is a way. You can visit a tanning salon leading up to your big day and if all goes well, you will be right where you want to be when it comes time to walk down that aisle. One word of caution though. There are many tanning salons in the New Orleans area, but as with anything, some are of a really high quality and some are subpar in what they have to offer. So, with that in mind and knowing that you could use a little bit of help determining who would be best for you, we have provided a guide below that should help you in your quest.

Before you can make an choices, you need some potential candidates. Ask people you know. There has to be someone you know who has frequented a tanning salon. If you find someone who was really pleased with the quality of the service they received and the results, then write the salon's name down as a potential candidate. A Google search for “tanning salons in the New Orleans area” should bring up all kind of results. It will take some time, but start perusing the results and see which salons strike you as quality. And of course you can always ask your wedding vendors that you have already hired. They should be more than willing to share any contacts they might have in this arena. Now that you have some candidates to check out, let's move onto the interview stage.

When you visit the tanning salons on your list, you will want to discuss with a consultant what kind of tanning plan they would put you on. So make sure they show you a plan based on the date of your wedding. You also need to discuss the lotions they use or recommend. Do not use anything but professional grade tanning lotions. Many people have tried and been very disappointed with the result. Talk about moisturizers. This is essential if you are going to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

As you are talking to each consultant, pay attention to the vibe you are getting. Are they professional? Do they come across as knowledgeable? You want a place that gives you great confidence. Of course in the end you need to ask about price which will certainly be a factor in your final decision. Once you have gathered all of your information, do a side by side comparison and make your educated choice.