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Alright, so it is time to look your most beautiful. And there are many ways to accomplish this. First of all, you can find the bridal gown of your dreams. Then, you can setup regular tanning salon appointments in order to look a gorgeous golden hue for your big day. Then, of course, there is special wedding jewelry that will enhance your overall look. And we can't forget about your hair. We know you are going to hire a professional hair stylist to make your locks look amazing. And last but not least it is a great idea to hire a professional makeup artist that knows how to apply makeup in such a way that not only will you look flawless, your pictures take by your professional photographer will turn out phenomenal. But it will take some doing finding and hiring the perfect makeup artist for you because there are so many candidates out there for you to consider. With that in mind, we urge you to check out this handy dandy guide that should help you in your search in the New Orleans area as well as hiring the artist to make you look absolutely beautiful.

It will not be any problem to find candidates because there are a million people out there who claim that they can do makeup. The trick for you is to parse through many of these candidates to find a few to interview and then to find the one that you will want to hire. We suggest that a few methods be pursued. First of all, check out the vast source of info on the internet. Do a quick web query for “makeup artists in the New Orleans area.” Check out several of the results, maybe more, and start perusing the websites of many of the artists and determine which ones seem like they are worth a second look. Also, check with the vendors that you have already contracted to see if they have any ideas about who might be good candidates for you. We also recommend that you ask your family, friends, and coworkers if they have ever hired a professional makeup artist. If their experience was exceptional, get the name of the makeup artist and add them to your working list.

Once you have a working list, it is now time to call each person on your list and ask them for a sit down meeting. You need to interview them in order to determine which one would be best to apply your makeup for your wedding. One of the first questions that you need to ask is whether they mostly work on brides. This is important because they may be really good at applying makeup but a bride has special needs because of the need to look great in their photographs. Make sure you examine in detail the body of work they have already done, this should give you a great indication of their versatility and talent.

Ask for references and talk to each one about what the experience was like. What do they charge? Do they offer packages?What kind of makeup do they use? Is it considered professional grade? How do you like the artist? Are they easy to get along with? You want to really be sure that they will have a calming affect on you as you are about to walk out into your ceremony. This guide will hopefully help you in your final determination.