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We realize that a lot of your wedding decisions border on the mundane and are just vendors or items that are necessary. Now, we get a chance to talk about something that will be really fun at your reception. In fact, we love this amenity so much that we would almost put it in the category of necessity. Start checking into having a candy buffet at your wedding reception. It is one of the hottest new trends and will have everyone having a blast as well as enjoying some very tasty candy. Think about how cool it will look in the middle of your reception, a grand display of hand selected candy that you and your fiance will have a huge part in designing and crafting. It can complement your wedding theme and color scheme and provide a beautiful back drop for the most special day of your life. One other thing. This kind of feature tells your guests that you are going the extra mile for them, it is something unique because you believe they are unique and you want your wedding to be truly memorable. If you accept this mission of hiring a candy buffet provider and we hope you do, your first task is to find a few candidates to consider and because they vary quite a bit, you need to take your search throughout the New Orleans area very seriously. To help you in this all important search, we have provided a guide below that we hope leads you to the candy buffet of your dreams.

So, your first task on this mission is to find some candy buffet providers in the New Orleans area. We suggest going to any of your wedding vendors that you have already booked and asking them for recommendations. We would be shocked if they did not have a name or two to give you. You can also search online to see what companies might be close by you. You can always peruse the results and check out the websites to see if they look reputable. And another great avenue is to ask your family, friends, and coworkers if they have ever experienced a candy buffet anywhere. If they thought it was really well designed and crafted, try and track down who built it.

Meet with each of your candidates. Find out how many events they have created a candy buffet for. Take a look at their portfolio to make sure that their work looks really well put together and that it is of a high quality. Ask them how much candy you will need to purchase. You will want enough so that your guests will be able to walk away with a sizable amount. Also, it is a good idea to ask how early you need to start planning your candy buffet. We suggest that you plan yours at least 60 days in advance. How much say will you have in the type of candy involved? It is a very nice touch when you know that you have been able to put a personal touch on what is offered.

Talk for a bit about your budget. Do they feel like they could do something nice within the numbers you have in mind? Once you are satisfied with one of the vendors that you have interviewed and you feel that the candy buffet they could build for you will be an amazing addition to your reception, it will be time to ask for a contract and sign on the dotted line.